Why LifeSeeds Summer Camp?

I have been approached by many folks who are interested in learning more about LifeSeeds Summer Camp and/or simply attempting to better understand what makes it so special.

My first thought is always ‘the people,’ which includes the campers and counselors. In my opinion, it is always the people, and not the programs, that make anything special. LifeSeeds is certainly no exception. Each year, we are staffed with 30-35 people who seem to care much more about others than they do themselves. It’s a matter of fact, they spend their day making other people happy. The campers also seem to quickly understand that LifeSeeds is much bigger than any one person. As young as some of the campers are, they seem to somehow grasp the concept that LifeSeeds is a big family, and that we are all here for and with one another. The sports, games, activities, prizes, and entertainment are all awesome, but the relationships and yes, the love, that develops and exists at LifeSeeds are what defines the camp and makes it so special!

In planning for camp each year, I am unfortunately surrounded by reminders of the broken world in which we all live. I am also inspired to make it better and stronger each year- so that our kids (counselors and campers) are surrounded and inundated with positive and hopeful messages. Not false hope, mind you, but experiences that inspire children to think differently and positively. Our kids get so much information from so many sources, and much of it is negative and detrimental. This makes our ‘job’ at LifeSeeds that much more significant. In a world that is so scary, unpredictable, and often dark, we provide a safe, structured experience where kids can live, laugh, play, compete, and learn!

They learn the fundamentals of their respective sports, they compete, they learn to accept outcomes and overcome challenges, and they are better for it.

Through a variety of experiences, our campers are taught and expected to live in a respectful, responsible manner. Our hope and belief is that if we can instill such a way of thinking and feeling into the minds and hearts of our campers, that they will take it with them and spread it wherever they go!

~ Dave Burton, LifeSeeds Camp Director

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Quickball is here!

LifeSeeds is excited to announce that we will be offering Quickball for all five weeks of camp for 2017!

Quickball teaches all baseball and softball skills in an engaging and fun way. Anyone can play, regardless of skill level and age, and teamwork is emphasized on all levels. There’s scoring on both offense and defense and anyone can succeed regardless of skill level.

What makes Quickball such a successful program is its inclusiveness and action-packed game structure. It teaches and strengthens baseball/softball skills by offering multiple hitting, fielding and throwing chances for all players during each game.

Innovative concepts such as timed team at bats, rapid batter rotation and two-way scoring keep games moving and get every- one involved – critical elements in grabbing the attention of today’s kids.

As an organization, USA Quickball has spent the past 10 years working with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, USA Baseball, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and MLB Fanfest to invigorate baseball and softball interest at the grass roots level. Along the way, Quickball has grown from one startup league in North Carolina to more than 500 youth and collegiate programs across the country.

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Welcome to LifeSeeds!

This will be our 15th year of LifeSeeds and we are looking forward to another
great summer of camp!

We’ve added a new sport to LifeSeeds 2016 Summer Camp in Wyncote, PA!  Quickball will be offered during Sessions 1 & 2.

Check back here often for updates on special guests, activities, and other information for
LifeSeeds 2016!

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